Canvello Navy Blue Persian Antique Senna Rug - 4&
Canvello Navy Blue Persian Antique Senna Rug - 4&
Canvello Navy Blue Persian Antique Senna Rug - 4&

Canvello Navy Blue Silkroad Antique Senna Rug - 4' X 9'6''


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Senneh rug, Senneh also spelled Senna or Sehna, handwoven floor covering made by Kurds who live in or around the town of Senneh (now more properly Sanandaj) in western persia. The pile rugs and kilims of Senneh are prized for their delicate pattern and colouring and for their fine weave. They are by far the most sophisticated of the Kurdish rugs. The designs usually involve some repeat pattern, or diaper, such as the herāti, in which a diamond lattice pattern peeps through a tangle of blossoms and leaves or through intricate versions of the boteh, a leaf with curling tip. The entire field may show such a pattern, or a medallion scheme may introduce a hexagonal centerpiece and straight-arched ends. The borders are full of fine detail, often featuring paired arabesques known in the trade as “turtles.”

The finely woven Senneh kilims are slit tapestries of the highest quality. Their small-scale borders are carried around the ends, as they are typically in pile carpets but rarely in such weavings. Senneh seems to have been a favourite place of manufacture for saddle cloths, those in pile usually provided with a two-slope arch. Although the town of Senneh has given its name to the asymmetrical Persian knot, it is the Turkish, or symmetrical, knot, that is actually used there,
Antique Senneh rugs are one of the most distinctive of all Persian Rugs. Even though the designs are often copied by Bidjar Rugs and Tabriz Rugs but just touching the rugs . Antique Senneh rugs use very tightly spun fine mountain wool. The pile is wondrously silky but the back is scratchy so much so that people compare the backs to sandpaper. Once you eel it it it is unmistakable thereafter. Antique Senneh rugs are fine and durable and are most appreciated by people who know Persian Rugs. The new Senneh rugs are completely diferent.
Antique Senneh rugs and carpets, produced in Northwest persia, are highly valued and prized for their fine, delicate design and weaving technique. They are among the "thinnest" of all Persian rugs, and come in a range of medallion or all-over design patterns with small scale Herati repeats. Being single wefted, they tend to wear less than other comparable rugs produced in surrounding villages. Senneh rugs and carpets always display a meticulous, geometric drawing that corresponds to the precision of the weave. The colors tend to vary, and range for rich to softer color shades.

Some of the very finest examples of Senneh rugs and carpets were knotted on silk foundations, usually dyed in a variety of shades to give their fringes a rainbow-like appearance. Most Senneh rugs were produced in smaller or runner sizes and make excellent decorative accents rugs, although some were produced in room-sized carpets as well.

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